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Chinese and Comparative Philosophy 中國哲學與比較哲學

New Comparative Philosophy Journal

Bo Mou (San Jose State University, USA) has recently founded a new journal called Comparative Philosophy, described as “an international journal of constructive engagement of distinct approaches toward world philosophy.” The new journal’s website is here. The table of contents of volume 1, no. 1, scheduled to appear in January 2010, follows.

– Bo Mou / On Constructive-Engagement Methodological Strategy in
Comparative Philosophy: A Journal Theme Introduction

– Manuel Vargas / Culture and the Value of Philosophy: the Latin American Case
– Marshall Willman / Logical Analysis and Later Mohist Logic: Some Comparative Reflections
– Zhihua Yao / Nothingness in Heidegger, Daoism and Buddhism
– Xianglong Zhang / Comparison Paradox and Comparative Situation: A Methodological Reflection on Philosophical Comparison

– Stephen Angle / The Minimal Definition and Methodology of Comparative
Philosophy: A Report from a Conference

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  1. Manyul Im says:

    Just a quickie: Steve Angle’s contribution to this piece is probably a longer version of a post that I had on the old blog, which has of course been imported to Warp Weft & Way, here. There are some old comments still there; I suppose, given what we’ve been discussing these past two weeks, it wouldn’t be out of line to continue that discussion on that post. If we get some takers, I’ll move the post up to the front.

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