TOC Journal of Chinese Humanities Volume 5.1: Between Fact and Legend: Xia Dynasty Historiography

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Table of Contents – Vol 5.1, December 2019

Editor’s Preface [Abstract]
Author: Sun Qi
pp.: 3-5

David S. Nivison, the Bamboo Annals, and the Chronology of Xia: Personal Reflections on Historical Method [Abstract]
Author: Edward L. Shaughnessy
pp.: 6-17

Toward an Archaeological Reconstruction of the Xia Dynasty as History: Delineations and Methods [Abstract]
Author: Sun Qingwei 孫慶偉 (Translated by Ady Van Den Stock)
pp.: 18-42

An Archaeological Proposal of the Origin of State in China [Abstract]
Author: Xu Hong 許宏 (Translated by Zhang Yin)
pp.: 43-54

An Alternative Chronology for the Xia Dynasty and Discussion on Issues Related to Xia Culture [Abstract]
Author: Jia Hongbo 賈洪波 (Translated by Carl Gene Fordham)
pp.: 55-77

Faithful History of Unreliable History: Three Debates on the Historicity of the Xia Dynasty [Abstract]
Author: Chen Minzhen 陳民鎮 (Translated by Carl Gene Fordham)
pp.: 78-104

Book Review

Confucianism, a habit of the Heart: Bellah, Civil Religion, and East Asia.  [Abstract]
Reviewed by Uffe Bergeton
pp.: 105-111

The Top Ten Developments in Studies on Chinese Humanities in 2018  [Abstract]
Translated by Connie Rosemont
pp.: 113-120

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