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CfP: ODIP Online Dictionary of Intercultural Philosophy

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CALL FOR PAPERS: ODIP: Online Dictionary of Intercultural Philosophy https://www.odiphilosophy.com/

ODIP in cooperation with ALAFI invites entries on topics related to intercultural philosophy.

ODIP offers brief and understandable definitions of non-Western philosophical terms. It aims to promote a shift from Comparative Philosophy to World Philosophy enabling a genuine plurality of knowing, doing, and being human. It collects key-concepts from several regions and presents those concepts in a succinct fashion. It is meant to be an inspiring and stimulating resource for philosophers who aim to expand their horizons and think interculturally.

ALAFI (Latin-American Association for Intercultural Philosophy) aims to promote open, plural, cosmpolitan and intercultural practices in philosophy, in Latin America in particular and in the hispanic-lusophone circuit in general.

Submissions are normally between 200 and 1000 words long (up to 3500 words for historical entries on philosophical schools and movements such as “Comparative Philosophy”). Submissions should be sent either in English or have an English translation attached. Submissions in Portuguese and Spanish are in particular accepted and promoted, provided they come with an English translation (Submissions will be edited and do not need to come in perfect English).

All submissions are peer reviewed. Preferably, entries explain concepts and terms, but in certain cases, entries on philosophers or books will also be accepted. All entries will be published with the author’s name. Entries must present bibliographical references for further reading at the end of the text.

On the ‘Call for Entries’ (https://www.odiphilosophy.com/call-for-entries) page you will find a list of terms. These are just suggestions. Entries on other relevant terms are welcome.

Send to: botz.t@gust.edu.kw

The copyright stays with the authors.

Deadline for submissions: June 5th 2020

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