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Chinese and Comparative Philosophy 中國哲學與比較哲學

New Book: Cultivating a Good Life in Early Chinese and Ancient Greek Philosophy

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Part I: Harmony, Balance, Beauty: Understanding Conceptions of Cultivation
1. Cultivation and Harmony: Plato and Confucius (Rick Benitez, University of Sydney, Australia)
2. Cultivating Noble Simplicity: Plato (L.M.J. Coulson, University of Sydney, Australia)
3. The Beauty Ladder and the Mind-heart Excursion: Plato and Zhuangzi (Wang Keping, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, Beijing)
4. Awareness and Spontaneity: Three Perspectives in the Zhuangzi (Lisa Raphals, University of California, Riverside, USA)
5. Understanding “Dao’s Patterns”: Han Fei (Barbara Hendrischke, Sydney University, Australia)

Part II: Doubt, Predicament, Conflict: Cognitive, Affective and Epistemic Difficulties
6. Skepsis and Doubt: Ancient Greece and the East (Yasuhira Yahei Kanayama, Nagoya University, Japan)
7. Wisdowm and Cognitive Conflict: Outlines for Scepticism (Per Lind, Lund University, Sweden)
8. Understanding Fortune and Misfortune in a Good Life: ‘Solon’ and ‘Confucius’ (Hyun Jin Kim, University of Melbourne, Australia and Karen Hsu, University of Melbourne, Australia)
9. Emotion and Self-Cultivation: Marcus Aurelius and Mengzi (Jesse Ciccotti, Hong Kong Baptist University, Hong Kong)
10. Dislodging Mundane Wisdom: the Inner Chapters of the Zhuangzi and the New Testament Gospels (Lauren Pfister, Hong Kong Baptist University, Hong Kong)

Part III. Here, Now, Ever-after: How to Achieve and Practice a Good Life
11. Knowing How to Act: Aristotle (Sophie Grace Chappell, Open University, UK)
12. Learning to be Reliable: Confucius’ Analects (Karyn Lai, University of New South Wales, Australia)
13. Auditory Perception and Cultivation: the Wenzi (Andrej Fech, Hong Kong Baptist University, Hong Kong)
14. Cultivation and the Arts of Writing: Liu Xie, (Will Buckingham, Open University, UK)
15. Death and Happiness: Han China (Mu-chou Poo, Chinese University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong)


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