ToC: Asian Philosophy, Volume 29, Number 3, 3 July 2019

The latest issue of Asian Philosophy (Volume 29, Number 3, 3 April 2019) has been published. See here or below for the Table of Contents.

  1. Spontaneous thought and early Chinese ideas of ‘non-action’ and ‘emotion’ 
    Author: Eifring
  2. Confucian democracy as popular sovereignty
    pp. 201-220(20)
    Author: Herr
  3. Emergentism and Sadra’s psychology; a common physicalistic challenge 
    pp. 221-230(10)
    Author: Homazadeh
  4. Text-close thick translations in two English versions of Laozi
    pp. 231-247(17)
    Author: Huang; Hoon; Hiong; Kaur
  5. Moral dilemmas of Buddhism on animal suffering 
    pp. 248-263(16)
    Author: Jena
  6. Challenging Gendered Social Norms: Educational Insights from Confucian Classics 
    pp. 264-276(13)
    Authors: Tan

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