TOC: Frontiers of Philosophy in China

The latest issue of Frontiers of Philosophy in China has been published. The table of contents is also located below:

Special Theme: Richard Shusterman’s Somaethetics

1. Introduction to the Special Theme on “Richard Shusterman’s Somaesthetics” WEN Haiming
2. “Bodyheartminding” (Xin 心): Reconceiving the Inner Self and the Outer World in the Language of Holographic Focus and Field Roger T. Ames
3. A Cross-Cultural Reflection on Shusterman’s Suggestion of the “Transactional” Body Eva Kit Wah Man
4. Ars Erotica and Ars Gastronomica in Shusterman’s Somaesthetics Russell Pryba
5. Somaesthetics and Chinese Philosophy: Between Unity and Pragmatist Pluralism Richard Shusterman
6. The Origin and Differentiation of the Theories of Human Nature in Pre-Qin China GUO Yi
7. Wang Fuzhi’s Interpretation of Spirit/Shen in His Annotation on the Zhuangzi TAN Mingran
8. Goblet Words and Indeterminacy:A Writing Style that Is Free of Commitment Wai Wai Chiu
9. Aristotle’s Immovable Movers: A Sketch André Laks
10. Leibniz and Clarke in Conflict: The Role of “Force” and the Nature of God’s Providence WANG Xiaona
11. On Kripke’s Dogmatism Paradox: A Logical Dynamical Analysis XU Zhaoqing
12. Michael David Kaulana Ing, Why Confucius Wept: A Review of The Dysfunction of Ritual in Early Confucianism (reviewed by Douglas L. Berger) Douglas L. Berger
13. Yang Xiao and Yong Huang (ed.). Moral Relativisim and Chinese Philosophy: David Wong and His Critics (reviewed by Bongrae Seok) Bongrae Seok
14. Lisa Raphals, Divination and Prediction in Early China and Ancient Greece (reviewed by David Chai) David Chai
15. Jing-Bao Nie, Medical Ethics in China: A Transcultural Interpretation (reviewed by Choe-Smith Chong Un) Choe-Smith Chong Un


Last Issue: Vol.10, No.1, 2015.


Special Theme: Mind and Emotion in Comparative Perspective

1 Introduction to the Special Theme on “Mind and Emotion in Comparative Perspective”Eric S. Nelson
2 Shendu and Qingdu: Reading the Recovered Bamboo and Silk ManuscriptsShirley Chan,Daniel Lee
3 Moral Psychology of Shame in Early Confucian Philosophy Bongrae Seok
4 The Physiology of Xin (Heart) in Chinese Political Argumentation: The Western Han Dynasty and the Pre-Imperial Legacy Elisa Sabattini
5 Neo-Confucian Theory of Mind as a Discourse of the Infinite: The Lu-Wang School ZHAO Dongming
6 Water, Plant, Light, and Mirror: On the Root Metaphors of the Heart-Mind in Wang Yangming’s ThoughtBAO Yongling
7 The De of Levinas: Cultivating the Heart-Mind of Radical Passivity Leah Kalmanson, Sarah Mattice
8 Traces of the Person: Max Scheler’s and Paul Ricoeur’s Attempts on Personal Ethics Annette Hilt
9 Stephen C. Angle and Michael Slote, eds. Virtue Ethics and Confucianism (reviewed by Stephen Harris) Stephen Harris
10 Franklin Perkins, Heaven and Earth Are Not Humane: The Problem of Evil in Classical Chinese Philosophy (reviewed by Michael D. K. Ing) Michael D. K. Ing
11 BAO Yongling, Seed and Light: A General Examination of the Metaphor System in Wang Yangming’s Doctrine of Heart-Mind (in Chinese) (reviewed by LI Guangxiao) LI Guangxiao


Last Issue: Vol.9, No.4, 2015


Special Theme: Philosophy of Language, Chinese Language, and Chinese Philosophy

1 Introduction to the Special Theme on “Philosophy of Language, Chinese Language, and Chinese Philosophy” MOU Bo
2 Numeral Classifiers and the White Horse Paradox Byeong-uk Yi
3 On the Double-Reference Character of “Hexagram” Names in the Yijing: Engaging Fregean&Kripkean Approaches to the Issue of How Reference Is Possible MOU Bo
4 Ontogenesis and Phylogenesis in the Analysis of Chinese Classifiers: Remarks on Philosophical Method Marshall D. Willman
5 On the Constitution and the True Aim of “The Joy of Heaven” and “Non-Speech”: A Reinterpretation of the Debate at the Dam over the Hao River CHU Zhaohua
6 An Eco-Ethical Interpretation of Confucian Tianren Heyi YAO Xinzhong
7 Environmental Ethics and Linkola’s Ecofascism: An Ethics Beyond Humanism Evangelos D. Protopapadakis
8 Li Zehou and Moritz Schlick on the Roots of BeautyJ im Shelton
9 The Encounter of Christianity and Daoism in Philippe Couplet’s Confucius Sinarum Philosophus HUANG Mei Tin
10 Chenyang Li, The Confucian Philosophy of Harmony Stephen C. Angle
11 Walter Sinnott-Armstrong, Moral Psychology Volume 4: Free Will and Moral Responsibility Whitley Kaufman

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