More Blogging to Come…

My apologies for the long lapse in blogging. As it turns out, I can’t simply sit reverently facing South in order to direct an academic program. I will begin blogging again in earnest next week.

Also, in the near future I would like to turn this blog more formally into a group endeavor, with an appropriately more general blog name, and will be seeking a willing and able cadre of co-authors for that purpose. I will make the effort to contact some people I have in mind, but if you are interested and feel qualified, I invite you to send me a message via email.

3 thoughts on “More Blogging to Come…

  1. I was thinking that you would want to keep your URL address the same, hence the filler. Is it time for a collaborative blog (and the extra chore of updating this one with that blog’s updates), or are you able to change the address and preserve the content from this blog?

    “Hannity and Colmes” was the best comedy show on that station, hands down.

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