ToC: APA Newsletter on Asian and Asian American Philosophers and Philosophies 21:1-2

The APA Newsletter on Asian and Asian American Philosophers and Philosophies 21:1-2 has recently been published with the title “The Multitudionous Dimensions of Japanese Aesthetics.” See below for the table of contents.

Ante-Originality in Japanese Pathway Arts
John C. Maraldo and Mary Jo Maraldo

“The Secret of Music” and Unity with Nature
David E. Cooper

The Dancing Truth: Spiritual Play in Zen Aesthetics
Raquel Bouso

The Enlightenment of Things: Living with Everyday Objects
Peter L. Doebler

A Cut Above: Aesthetic and Moral Virtuosity in Japanese Dō
Jesús Ilundáin-Agurruza

Ethically Grounded Aesthetic Sensibility in Japan: From Traditional Arts to Contemporary Design
Yuriko Saito

Norinaga on the Cultivation of Mono no aware
Johnathan Flowers

Saving Beauty: Art Museums, Empathy, and Impermanence
Peter L. Doebler

From Speculative Realism to Ki-Realism: Or, Reality as Realization in Japanese Aesthetics
Leah Kalmanson

Kuki Shūzō: Art and Existence as the Play of Contingency-Necessity
Mayuko Uehara

The Ontology and Aesthetic of Iki: An Unbearable Lightness
Carol S. Gould

The Atomic Bombings in Anime: How Aesthetics Makes Actual Historic Terror Tolerable to Children (A Prolegomenon to Existential Aesthetics)
Mara Miller

The Aesthetics and Ethics of Suicide in Japanese Literature and Film
Mara Miller

Kannon and Sanshō Dayū
Jason M. Wirth

White Sand, Blank Beauty: Figures and Meanings of Sand in Japanese Arts
Rudi Capra

Karesansui Gardens as Exemplars of Virtue
Julianne N. Chung

Nishida and Marion on the Beautiful: Resonance and Dissonance
Gerald Cipriani

A Distinction between Art and Religion in the Aesthetics of Nishida, Schopenhauer, and Early Indian Buddhism
Steve Odin

Japanese Aesthetics as Intercultural Double Bind: Philosophical and Artistic Practice between Nishida and Sesshū
Adam Loughnane

The Field of Japanese Aesthetics
Thomas P. Kasulis

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