ToC: Journal of Social and Political Philosophy 2:1

Edinburgh University Press is happy to announce that they have recently published a new issue of the Journal of Social and Political Philosophy 2:1. This issue was published in February of 2023 with 10 different publications including book reviews, a review essay, and articles. Please click here for the attached postcard which contains a free access code for the journal. Read below for a table of contents.

Does Marx Take Capitalism As ‘Just’? Challenging the Three Supporting References of Allen Wood
Zhongqiao Duan
Does Marx hold that capitalism is unjust? A Reply to Zhongqiao Duan
Allen Wood
Normative or Non-Normative Marx: How is a Fact-Sensitive Normative Theory Possible?
Zhi Li and Jiaxin Liu
The Shackles of Universal History and the Road Not Taken: ‘Ambivalent Possibilities’ in Maruyama Masao’s Thought
Takashi Kibe
Non-domination with Nothingness: Supplementing Pettit’s Theory of Democratic Deliberation
Jun-Hyeok Kwak
Democratic Trust and Injustice
Duncan Ivison
The Political Thought of Raymond Geuss
Ming Kit Wong
Amia Srinivasan, The Right to Sex: Feminism in the Twenty-First Century
Robyn Marasco
Anat Matar, The Poverty of Ethics
Adrian Kreutz
Peter Verovšek, Memory and the Future of Europe: Rupture and Integration in the Wake of Total War
Tom Theuns

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