CFP: “Stuck in the Middle?”

The Third Middle Period China Humanities Conference (220-1600) is very pleased to announce that the conference will be held, for the first time in three years, in New Haven on June 22-25, 2023. They are welcoming papers from all disciplines in humanities that deal with China between 220-1600. Papers can be in either English or Chinese and should be less than 10,00 words for English, or 6,000 Chinese characters.

The deadline for all paper proposals is December 1, 2022: Final submissions are due March 15, 2023 if you are seeking funding.  If you are not, the deadline for paper submissions is May 15, 2023. (They will not provide funding to anyone who misses the March 15 deadline.) Click here for more information.

1. Ph.D. students should answer a brief questionnaire about the paper they would like to present; the advisors of Ph.D. students must submit a brief form as well. They will also need to submit full versions of their papers by March 15, 2023, if they wish to be considered for funding.  Reminder: the target length for everyone is 10,000 words/6000 characters.

2. PhD holders should complete this registration form and provide abstracts of no more than 500 words/300 characters. Ideally, you will cover the questions we have asked the PhD students to address directly (What are your main sources? What are the most important studies on your topic? What is your original contribution to the field of Middle Period Chinese studies?).

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