CFP: Tetsugaku Vol.4, 2020, Special Issue: “Analytic Asian Philosophy”

The International e-Journal of the Philosophical Association of Japan, Tetsugaku, calls for papers for Tetsugaku Vol.4, 2020 Special Issue : “Analytic Asian Philosophy”

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Analytic Asian Philosophy is the emerging filed of philosophy that tries to shed fresh light on Asian philosophy, classical and modern, from perspectives of analytic and other contemporary philosophy, and to create novel philosophical views on the world and ourselves in the age of globalization.
It was pioneered by, among others, B. K. Mathilal, an Indian philosopher who attended Quine’s classes when he was educated at Harvard, and much discussed with P. F. Strawson and Dummett when he taught at Oxford. M. Siderits, T. Tillemans, J. Garfield and G. Priest are among present-day leading figures of this field. A number of Asian philosophers of new generation, who were trained in the Anglophone institutions, are following their initiatives.
Some of those philosophers have been occasionally applying contemporary logic, classical or non-classical, to make sense Asian thoughts that had appeared to be irrational or even non-sensual.
Asian philosophical traditions to be reinterpreted or reconstructed include Hinduism, Buddhism, theravāda or mahayāna, Chinese philosophy such as Confucianism and Daoism, and the Kyoto school of philosophy.
This special issue is one of the world’s earliest attempts to feature such innovative topic, expecting the following themes as its main target subjects.

– Reinterpretations of Asian philosophy in its broadest sense, historical or contemporary, from perspectives of analytic and other contemporary philosophy
– Original works on various philosophical issues in the analytic style in the broadest sense, that are inspired by Asian philosophy
– Contemporary logical reconstruction of Asian logic such as Indian or Buddhistic one
– Contemporary linguistic reinterpretation of Asian theories of languages such as Indian grammatical traditions
– [Deadline: 30 September 2019]
To submit your paper, please read carefully our Guidelines for Contributors.

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