CFP: 2012 ISCWP Beijing Roundtable

2012 Term
“Beijing Roundtable on Contemporary Philosophy”

Theme / 討論主題

Philosophical Methodology:
From the Vantage Point of Comparative Philosophy

(2012-1-17 version)

Academic Organizer: International Society for Comparative Studies of Chinese and Western Philosophy (ISCWP)

學術組織方:     國際中西哲學比較研究學會

Host & Co-sponsor: Center for Comparative Philosophy & Institute of Foreign Philosophy, Peking University, Beijing, China

東道主/共同贊助方: 北京大學比較哲學研究中心/北京大學外國哲學研究所

Co-sponsor:    Center for Comparative Philosophy, San Jose State University, USA

共同贊助方:     美國加州圣荷塞州立大學比較哲學研究中心

Time:              22nd June 2012, Friday (tentatively)

時間:             2012年6月22日, 星期五(暂定)

Location:         Conference Room of Institute of Foreign Philosophy (Room 227, Old Chemistry Building), Peking University, Beijing, China

地點:             北京大學外國哲學研究所會議室 (老化學樓227室)

Discussion language: English and/or Chinese


The 2012 Term of the ISCWP’s “Beijing Roundtable on Contemporary Philosophy” workshop series will be a half-day (tentatively) workshop on the theme “Philosophical Methodology: From the Vantage Point of Comparative Philosophy”. Its aim is to have an in-depth critical examination of how the vantage point and methodology of comparative philosophy can effectively serve as one general methodological approach in philosophy for the sake of development of contemporary philosophy and in view of the reflective practice of the ISCWP in the past decade since its inception in 2002.

Especially since the first decade of this century, comparative philosophy, as understood and practiced in a philosophically interesting way, has undergone significant development in its identity, coverage and mission. Comparative philosophy, instead of being a local subfield of philosophy, has become one exciting general front of philosophical exploration that is primarily concerned with how distinct approaches and resources from different philosophical traditions (both culture/region-associated and style/orientation-associated philosophical traditions) can learn from and constructively engage with each other to jointly contribute to our understandings and treatments of a series of philosophical issues and topics in various areas of philosophy, which can be jointly concerned through appropriate philosophical interpretation and a broader philosophical vantage point.

The 2012 term of “Beijing Roundbtable” emphasizes an in-depth meta-methodological discussion of relevant theoretic points involved in the vantage point and methodology of comparative philosophy as one effective general methodology in the constructive-engagement oriented philosophical exploration.

The format of the 2012 workshop will start with a methodological précis of the collective efforts of the ISCWP on the foregoing front in the past decade, which as a target of reflective criticism is followed by a critical-discussion panel on the theme. In view of this format, submissions to the 2012 term of “Beijing Roundtable” can be either a systematic reflection or a shorter critical piece (in English or Chinese, together with a 150-250 word abstract in English) and may be submitted electronically (MS Word file, single-spaced) by 1st May 2012 to the review team c/o Bo Mou, ISCWP coordinator for the 2012 term of Beijing Roundtable, at The length and format of prospective presentations of accepted pieces will be announced, being sensitive to several relevant situational considerations for the sake of most effectively carrying out the critical discussion on the theme.

Any interested ISCWP members and other interested colleagues are welcome to participate in this workshop. For further information concerning its academic coordination, contact Bo Mou; for further information concerning its host organization, contact Xianglong Zhang ( and Linhe Han (, the Host representatives.

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