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  1. Dan Robins says:

    I’m curious if anyone’s looked at this. It says it’s free, but demands your email address, which is to say it’s not free, and (maybe because my German is negligible) I can’t see a way to get even a table of contents without inviting spam.

    • Steve Angle says:

      Hi Dan — down near the bottom there is a “show contents” link that will give you the table of contents.

    • Dan Robins says:

      Of course! Right where you would expect it. My knee jerked and I missed it…

  2. karynlai says:

    I’ve had some communication with one of the co-editors, Monika Kirloskar-Steinbach, who has requested that the following announcement be posted:

    Confluence: Online Journal of World Philosophies (www.confluence-journal.com) will begin to document all incentives in institutions of higher education undertaken to facilitate teaching and/or research in comparative philosophy.

    Towards this end, we invite faculty to sketch briefly the nature of changes (in study-programs, syllabi, personnel, etc.) implemented since 2010 and their projected results. Submissions should contain details of the educational institution and not exceed 500 words. They may be submitted electronically under: confluence- submission@web.de and should reach us by 27.12.14 to be included in our second volume (March 2015).

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