New Issue of Dao (19:4)

Issue 19:4 of Dao: A Journal of Comparative Philosophy has been published; see here and below.

The Human Person in Confucianism: Triadic Relationships and the Possibilities of an Agapastic Semeiotic Pragmatism
Jason Morgan

Ethical Advance and Ethical Risk – A Mengzian Reflection
L. K. Gustin Law

Zhuangzi’s Way of Harmonizing Right and Wrong: Disagreement and Relativism in Disputation
Thomas Ming

Daoist Conception of Time: Is Time Merely a Mental Construction?
Nihel Jhou

Go Trampling on Vairocana’s Head! Role and Functions of Irony in the Blue Cliff Record
Rudi Capra

The Diversity of Perspectives on Language in Daoist Texts and Traditions
Paul R. Goldin

The Continuing Relevance of Congruent/Incongruent Names Revealed by Buddhist Epistemology
Sandra A. Wawrytko

Movement and Ming (Names): A Response to “Incongruent Names: A Theme in the History of Chinese Philosophy”
Jane Geaney

Reflections on Incongruent Names, Including the Name “Best Essay,” in Response to Respondents
Paul J. D’Ambrosio, Hans-Rudolf Kantor, Hans-Georg Moeller

Bruya, Brian, ed., The Philosophical Challenge from China
Kathleen Wright

Chen, Lisheng 陳立勝, The Moment of Becominga Sage: Research on Wang Yangming’s Moral Cultivation of Extending Conscience 入聖之機: 王陽明致良知功夫論研究
Yves Vendé

Fang, Xudong 方旭東, Interpretation of Neo-Confucianism Theory 新儒學義理要詮
Lien Zhang

Fraser, Chris, The Essential Mozi: Ethical, Political, and Dialectical Writings
Yun Wu

Wen, Haiming 溫海明, Illuminating Intentionality Through the Zhouyi: New Explorations in the Philosophy of the Book of Changes 周易明意: 周易哲學新探
Benjamin Coles

Wirth, Jason M., Mountains, Rivers, and the Great Earth: Reading Gary Snyder and Dōgen in an Age of Ecological Crisis
William Edelglass

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