This Is the Way: nominate a passage for Richard and Justin to discuss

Richard and Justin are planning to record an episode of This Is the Way that focuses on passages from Chinese philosophy requested by the audience. So, if there is a passage (or a very small set of passages that centers on a single theme) from any historical Chinese text that you would like to be featured on a near-future episode, please email them at Or you can also feel free to post a reply or send a message to either Justin or Richard through the social media platform that you use (or leave a comment on this blog post). They will consider all nominations sent to them by July 8th.

6 replies on “This Is the Way: nominate a passage for Richard and Justin to discuss”

  1. I nominate:

    (1) Family First vs. Imparital Legalistic Morality: Upright Gong! Possible comparison with Euthyphro..
    (2) Openmindedness. Perspectivism, and the pursuit of a well-rounded view on things/life : “Undoing Fixation” vs (?) Zhuangzi
    (3) What does Confucius look for in a student? What do we need to do in order to become students of the Confucian way? (scholar who is ashamed of robes it no worth talking to, student must find other three corners when I point to 1, etc).

  2. Thanks Brad! Those are all excellent suggestions. I especially like the idea of thinking through the Confucian requirement for being a student.

  3. A suggestion from a non-expert: what about Analects 6.23? A deeply puzzling passage that seems worth the effort.

  4. Indeed, it is a cryptic passage but one that my students have enjoyed thinking about. I’m sure there’s also more about these metaphors and their connection to virtue in other texts that we would want to draw on too. Thanks for the great suggestion!

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