ToC: Dao 18:2

The latest issue of Dao: A Journal of Comparative Philosophy (18:2) has been published. See here or below for the Table of Contents.

In this issue (15 articles)

  1. How Do We Make Sense of the Thesis “Bai (White) Ma (Horse) Fei (Is Not) Ma (Horse)”?
    • Xiaomei Yang
    • Original Paper
  2. The Ethical Stance of the “Qiwulun (Discourse on Corresponding Things)”
    • Massimiliano Lacertosa
    • Original Paper
  3. Combating Starvation: Comparing Agrarianism, Ethics, and Statecraft in the Legend of Shen Nong and in Andō Shōeki’s Thought
    • Judson B. Murray
    • Original Paper
  4. The Metaphysics of Dao in Wang Bi’s Interpretation of Laozi
    • Hao Hong
    • Original Paper
  5. The Politics of Writing Chinese Philosophy: Xiong Shili’s New Treatise on the Uniqueness of Consciousness and the “Crystallization of Oriental Philosophy”
    • Philippe Major
    • Original Paper
  6. Ethics, Politics, and the Recognition of Agency in Early Confucianism: A Commentary on Loubna El Amine’s Classical Confucian Political Thought: A New Interpretation
    • Ellie Hua Wang
    • Original Paper
  7. The Indispensability of Moral Cultivation in Confucian Politics
    • Elton Chan
    • Original Paper
  8. Relating the Political to the Ethical: Thoughts on Early Confucian Political Theory
    • Eirik Lang Harris
    • Original Paper
  9. Material Conditions, Hierarchy, and Order in Early Confucian Political Thought: A Response to Reviewers
    • Loubna El Amine
    • Original Paper
  10. Chai, David, Zhuangzi and the Becoming of Nothingness
    • Eric S. Nelson
    • Book Review
  11. Chen, Bo 陳波, and Jiang, Yi 江怡, eds., Analytic Philosophy: Review and Reflection 分析哲學——回顧與反省
    • Shiyan Wei
    • Book Review
  12. Ivanhoe, Philip J., Oneness: East Asian Conceptions of Virtue, Happiness, and How We Are All Connected
    • Paul J. D’Ambrosio
    • Book Review
  13. Slingerland, Edward, Mind and Body in Early China: Beyond Orientalism and the Myth of Holism
    • Jim Behuniak
    • Book Review
  14. Zeng, Zhaoshi 曾昭式, A New Theory of the Historical Development of Chinese Logic in the Pre-Qin Era 先秦邏輯新論
    • Shuang Qian
    • Book Review
  15. Zhang, Xianglong 張祥龍, Family and Filial Reverence: A Cross-Cultural Perspective 家與孝: 從中西間視野看
    • Jue Wang
    • Book Review

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