The latest issue of the Journal of Confucian Philosophy and Culture, published by Sungkyunkwan University in Seoul (Vol. 27 / February 2017), is — like all issues of the journal — is available on line here. The list of articles is also below. Enjoy!


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1 Who Answered the Shang Diviner?:

The Nature of Shang Divination

LEE Yong-Yun 23 Tian 天 (Heaven) as a Cosmological Framework

for Kongzi’s Moral Teaching

SONG Jaeyoon 43 Governance and Autonomy:

Chen Fuliang’s Political Theory

WU Zhen 67 On the Notion of “Unifying Ren 仁” in

Wang Yangming’s Thoughts on Ren

JUNG Byung-Seok 87 Li Zehou’s Theory of Emotion as

Substance and Confucianism

張元泰 113 朱熹的告子和陸九淵的告子——以對“不動心”的詮釋爲中心
郭坦 139 王陽明“四句教”淺析


權五香 153 王廷相的實踐經世觀硏究


鄭錫道 169 晚清老學與儒、佛會通


王小超 187 百年來儒家宗教性的爭論


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