History of Logic in China: website and book

Many folks interested in the history of logic in China probably already know about this website, but I just discovered it and thought I’d share. Also of interest is the book History of Logic in China: 5 Questions, which poses the following 5 questions to a lengthy series of specialists and presents their answers:

  1. Why did you begin working on history of Chinese logic in China?
  2. What is the best way to define your area in terms of historical period, textual sources, methodology or other factors?
  3. What is your favorite example of logical acumen by an early Chinese thinker?
  4. In your opinion what is the most difficult or problematic aspect of studying logical thinking by Chinese in the past?
  5. Which other areas of study could benefit from a better understanding of Chinese logic, or vice versa? (For example, other aspects of the history of Chinese thought, the relationship between early and later study of logic in China, or the relationship with other branches of philosophy such as the philosophy of science, ethics, etc.)

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