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Steve Angle has organized, with Michael Slote, an NEH seminar at Wesleyan University in Middletown, Connecticut on “Confucianism and Virtue Ethics.” It is to run from July 7 to August 15. Steve opens the lecture sessions to anyone who is interested and willing. Here (pasted from email) is the schedule for the lecture sessions, along with what Steve has to say by way of invitation:

“It occurred to me that maybe you could post something on the blog about the speakers who will be coming to Middletown for the summer seminar. It would be neat to have a mini-get-together or two. The details I have now are:

May Sim, Holy Cross — July 10
Bryan Van Norden, Vassar — July 15
Shirong Luo, Simmons — July 17
Eric Hutton, Utah — July 24

All lectures held at the Freeman Center for East Asian Studies, beginning at 3:30. I encourage anyone planning on coming from out of town to let me know.



(I know I will be at some of these, since I am relatively close by; it would be nice to meet some of you out there if you are also able to make it! Also, Chris Panza, who writes the blog “A Ku Indeed!” will be a seminar attendee. -Manyul)

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  1. Thanks, Manyul!

    Some more information: Shirong Luo’s title is “Balancing Virtues of Xiao (filial piety) and Ci (parental love) in the Age of Caring,” and Eric Hutton’s title is “Why Virtue Ethicists Should Love Rules: Xunzi on Ritual.” I will post the other two titles when they are finalized.

    More information (and directions) on the Freeman Center is at Information on the Seminar itself is at

  2. CORRECTION: Eric Hutton’s lecture is on Thursday, July 24, not the 25th as I wrote above. Sorry about the mistake. (Manyul, perhaps you could even correct it in the original post?)

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