Latest Telos has section on “Universal Values”

The latest issue of Telos (171; Summer, 2015) contains a special section on the debate over “universal values” in China. Here is the on-line introduction to the issue; the Table of Contents follows.

Politics and Values: The Middle East and China

Russell A. Berman

Reflections on Kurdistan, Iraq, and ISIS
Sabah Salih

The Kurdish Question: The Black Holes of Democracy
Pekka Sulkunen

The 2013 Egyptian Coup and the State of Exception
Beau Mullen

The Fertile Grounds for ISIL Terrorism
Arno Tausch

When Freedom of Expression Says “No”: The Case against Academic Boycott
Mohammed Saif-Alden Wattad

Special Section on China: Chinese Values and Western Values: Clash, Coexistence, or Consensus?

David Pan

The “Four Nevers,” Socialist Core Values, and “Western Values”
Flora Sapio

How Universal Are Human Values?
John Lagerwey

Western, Chinese, and Universal Values
Stephen C. Angle

The Constellation of Values: A Possible Path out of the Impasse of China–West Opposition
Huimin Jin

Under Non-Western Eyes: Chinese Values and Western Values in a Twenty-First-Century Media Ecology
Min Zhou

The Graves of Law: The Work of Jurisprudence in Bachofen’s Study of Tombs
Edward Mussawir

The Production of the Subject in Late Benjamin
Matteo Calla

Order and Disorder: A Poetics of Exception
Daniel Innerarity

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