Summer Workshop (Funding Available)

I have recently learned about the “Greater China Summer Workshop Program in Chinese Studies” to be held this summer in Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Beijing, organized and sponsored by the Sinological Development Charitable Foundation. Information on the Foundation and its goals, as well as about the program, are available on its website, here. The program aims to introduce Chinese Studies (focusing on Early Confucianism and the Hundred Schools; Buddhism and Daoism; and Neo-Confucianism). There are a limited number of Sponsorships (full financial support) available, plus a self-pay option. The application deadline is April 1, 2016.

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  1. Dear Professor Angle, I am a Chinese PhD student in political theory at the University of Virginia. I am working on my dissertation on Confucian Pluralistic Democracy. Would I be eligible for this program, given that I am a Chinese national? Thank you very much for your kind assistance!

    • Hi — I honestly do not know; best to contact the Foundation directly and ask.

      I’m glad to learn of your work on Confucian Pluralistic Democracy, and would be interested in learning more!

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