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Naming, Identity, and Open Discussion

Actually, this post is less interesting philosophically than it sounds, though it concerns something that is important to Steve Angle and me in our roles serving as administrators of this blog. This post will remain on top for a bit, then its contents will be moved to the introductory side menu. PLEASE READ:

New Comments/Discussion Policy: We will be implementing, going forward, a policy that comment or discussion authors identify themselves by their actual full names (“last”/family name and given name), at least once in a post or discussion string, if their logged-in names do not already indicate them. It would also be good to have some small self-identifying epithet after a name — either an institutional affiliation, something like “no affiliation, (city name),” or anything else that helps to contextualize one’s identity. Any official contributors to the blog who are listed in the Contributors list can simply put “(see Contributors list)” after their names.

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Redirect from Ending

Two years ago, we moved the blog from WordPress’s server to a commercial server, mainly in order to make the blog available in the PRC, which has worked. Since then, we have paid to have visitors to the old url,, automatically re-directed to the correct url, With a few days, this redirection will end. So if you have any difficulty accessing the blog, please make sure that you are using the correct url! Please let Manyul or me know if you have any questions. Thanks!

Book Reviews

Manyul and I are occasionally contacted by publishers wondering whether we would like to post a review of a new book on the blog. He and I have discussed this, and would like to let you all know that our policy is: yes, if it is directly on-point for the blog, and if we can find a volunteer who will write the review in a timely fashion. So authors, please feel free to suggest that your  publishers contact us in appropriate cases. Thank you!

New Content Editor at Warp, Weft, and Way

We are happy to announce that Tim Connolly is going to serve as our first Content Acquisition Editor, with a focus on comparative methods, including the comparison of ways that we all have approached Chinese-Western comparative philosophy, with comparative approaches in other areas. Please see the Contributor page for Tim’s bio. We look forward to working with him!

Welcome to Carl Dull as New Contributor

We are happy to welcome Carl Dull, a long-time blog reader and commentator, as a new contributor. Here is Carl’s self-introduction:

Carl J. Dull received a Ph.D. in Philosophy from Southern Illinois University where he studied both Chinese and Western traditions. He has taught at the Nanjing School of Foreign Language and worked for Johns Hopkins Center for Talented Youth in Nanjing and Hong Kong. His major interest is early Chinese thought, especially Zhuangzi. His dissertation investigates wandering and the heart in Zhuangzi, and proposes various positive ethical ideals for caring for living. His current research looks at early Chinese thought as a resource for moral psychology and therapeutic practice. His previous work includes the power of inspiration in Confucius, the practical compatibility between Confucian principles and Human Rights, and the language games of Zhuangzi and Wittgenstein. Contact:

Changes at Warp, Weft, and Way

Manyul and I would like to announce a few changes here at the blog. First, Chris Fraser has decided to change his status from one of the blog’s administrators to simply a contributor; we thank Chris for his help and advice over the years, especially with our move to the commercial server that has enabled the blog to be generally accessible in China.

Second, we seek nominations, including self-nominations, for a small number of Content Acquisition Editors, who will be responsible for seeking out contributions and contributors to the blog’s content, principally for our Feature Post category. The ideal Editor would be someone who is knowledgeable about the work of scholars in Chinese and/or Comparative philosophy (both professionally affiliated and independent) in his or her general geographic area or specialized area of study.  We request of all willing nominees a current CV and a brief list of ideas for potential content. Content Acquisiion Editors–who also will be able to post their own contributions, of course–will be listed on the blog’s homepage. All nominations should be sent via email to Manyul and me (,

Third, we are happy to announce that we have concluded an arrangement with Dao: A Journal of Comparative Philosophy whereby one article each issue will: (1) be made available for free on-line access, and (2) have a dedicated period of discussion on the blog, led off by a Featured Post that offers a precis of the article and a few critical comments. The article’s author will follow the discussion and offer her or his answers and observations. We will have news about the first article in this WW&W – Dao collaboration soon.

Best wishes for the Holidays and New Year,

Steve & Manyul

Hannah Pang detail

Some Technical Issues in the Discussion Forum Updates

A note for those who use the discussion forum: We just updated the forum plugin for this blog to its most recent version (bbPress 2.4) but, perversely, that seems to have affected the display of the discussion update widget that shows recent discussion topics and replies to them. It used to show the author of each entry but now it does not. We are waiting for bbPress support to do something to fix the bugs in their latest version. Meanwhile, we have not seen any other problems with the forum function. If anyone sees something unusual or missing from it, please let us know. Thank you for your patience.



Since Hannah Pang detailwe’re working on improvements to the blog, we are adding two functions that will highlight substantive blog postings that are intended to solicit reader response and discussion (the current post excluded). One is the Featured Post — which you will see at the top of the side menu; the other is a “sticky” post function that allows such substantive posts to remain stuck to the top of the scroll until discussions slow to a halt. Both functions are being demo-ed with this post. What took us so long? Seriously.

We hope this facilitates discussion of substantive posts, or at least prevents them from being lost in the scroll of announcements and calls — valuable as the latter are. As an aside, the Discussion forum seems appropriate for what we had intended the Question Board to be, so we will be retiring the QB in the next couple of weeks. Please use the Discussion tab to submit your questions or thoughts that are briefer than a full blog posting might require.


New Discussion Forum

We’d like to pilot a new discussion forum page (you can access it through the Discussion tab on the tab menu). Post your own items or questions there for discussion. Go over and reply to my discussion post topic if you have thoughts about it. If it seems easy and convenient as a way of replacing the current Question Board then we’ll gradually phase out the latter. Your feedback will help us. Cheers.