New Book: Shi, Contemporary Chinese Confucian Revival Movement

Brill has recently published Wei SHI’s book, Universal and Particular—Ideological Developments in the Contemporary Chinese Confucian Revival Movement (2000–2020), as part of the series “Modern Chinese Philosophy.” More information is available here, and the Table of Contents follows.

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Launch of revised 进步儒学 website

I am pleased to announce to the launch of a revised and expanded website devoted to Chinese-language writings related to progressive Confucianism,! Some of the essays on the site are appearing for the first time in Chinese translation; thanks to their authors for permission to translate them and much gratitude to the students and scholars who done the lion’s share of the translating. The new site is simplified a bit (for example, no more English-language interface, but given that all the content is in Chinese, that seemed superfluous and made maintaining the site much more complicated) but also much more robust, for which I am grateful to my terrific research assistant, Kate Liu. If you have or know of any content (essays of course, but also, at least in principle, other sorts of digital material) that you feel fits with the themes of the site, please contact me.

Angle Reviews Kwon, Confucian Sentimental Representation: A New Approach to Confucian Democracy

My review of Confucian Sentimental Representation: A New Approach to Confucian Democracy by Kyung Rok Kwon (Routledge, 2022) has been published in The Review of Metaphysics 76:1; see here. The first paragraph of the review follows below.

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Angle on Confucian Leadership & Confucian Democracy

My article “Confucian Leadership Meets Confucian Democracy” has just been published in the Journal of Social and Political Philosophy (1:2). The abstract is below; full text is available here (through the end of October).

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On-Line Lecture: Angle on Growing Moral

I will be giving an on-line talk next week on my new book, Growing Moral: A Confucian Guide to Life, hosted by the Center for East Asian and Comparative Philosophy at the City University of Hong Kong. The talk will take place via Zoom at 10 am on Friday, April 8 in HKT, which will be at 10pm on Thursday, April 7 EDT. So if you’re in East Asia, or are a night owl in the US, feel free to join! Details are on the attached poster.