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TODAY: On-line Book Symposium: Tseng, Confucian Liberalism

The Center for East Asian and Comparative Philosophy at the City University of Hong Kong is hosting an on-line book symposium on Roy Tseng’s recent book, Confucian Liberalism. Speakers include Loubna El Amine, Dongxian Jiang, Sungmoon Kim, and myself, as well as responses from Roy. We begin at 9:00am Hong Kong time on June 8, which is 9:00pm EST on Wednesday evening, June 7. Details are on the poster here.

Sixth Rutgers Workshop on Chinese Philosophy

The Sixth Rutgers Workshop on Chinese Philosophy, “New Voices in Chinese Philosophy,” will be held in person, with live streaming through Zoom, on Friday, April 28, 2023. Six junior scholars of Chinese philosophy, representing new voices in the field, will engage six more senior scholars. This year’s workshop is co-sponsored by Rutgers Global, Religion Department, Rutgers Center for the Philosophy of Religion, and Philosophy Department. RSVP is required for attendance, either in-person (limited to the room capacity) or online.

Please see here for more information and to register.

Call for Registration: Questioning ‘Western Philosophy’

Worcester College, Oxford is happy to announce a call for registration for the coming conference, “Questioning ‘Western Philosophy’: Philosophical, Historical, and Historiographical Challenges”. The event will happen both in-person and online from 28th April to 30th April 2023. The event will be the first international conference that subjects this concept to critical interrogation, asking whether it is legitimate, where it comes from, when and how it becomes widespread, and how it impacts our understanding of philosophy and its history. Building on work from, inter alia, the history of philosophy, global intellectual history, intercultural and comparative philosophy, critical philosophy of ‘race’, and decolonial studies, the conference will explore the concept of ‘Western Philosophy’ from philosophical, historical, and historiographical perspectives. Please read below for more information and how to register.

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Workshop on Jiwei Ci’s Political Philosophy

On February 6 (10:00-18:00 PT), there will be a hybrid workshop dedicated to Professor Jiwei Ci’s political philosophy at UC Berkeley. Scan the QR Code in the poster or use this link to register for Zoom participation:

Prof. Ci recently retired from the Department of Philosophy at HKU, where he had taught for decades. Throughout his career, he dedicates himself to the study of important theoretical questions about agency, morality, and democracy by reflecting upon key issues in contemporary China. His scholarship revolutionizes the way of theorizing Chinese politics through the lens of political theory and intellectual history.

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Confucianism at 2022 American Academy of Religion meetings

The American Academy of Religion is happy to announce that they will be having a 2022 meeting in Denver. The conference will have three sessions sponsored by the Confucian Traditions Unit. The meetings will be taking place November 19-22 in Denver Colorado. The three main themes are as follows: “Confucianism Enchanted: Narratives and Liturgies of Confucian Deities,” “Author Meets Critics: Mercedes Valmisa’s Adapting: A Chinese Philosophy of Action,” and roundtable on Tao Jiang’s book Origins of Moral-Political Philosophy in Early China. See here to for more information on the conference itself, and read on for details on the three panels.

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Online Conference: Remembering Li Zehou

The Department of Asian Studies, University of Ljubljana, is pleased to invite you to an online conference, held in honor of Professor Li Zehou on November 2, 2022, the first anniversary of his death. The conference has been organized by Roger T. Ames and Jana S. Rošker with the help of Maja M. Kosec. It will extend over 11 hours, namely from UTC 7:00 to 20:00 (7:00 AM – 8:00 PM). Many internationally renowned experts on Li Zehou have accepted our invitation and are participating in this conference. The conference will be held via zoom. Please click here for the website link (which contains the zoom link).

International Conference: Feeling, Rationality, and Morality

Tohoku University and University Pompeu Fabra are happy to announce that they will be holding a conference titled Feeling, Rationality and Morality: East and West at University Pompeu Fabra and virtually. The conference will take place November 5-6 2022. The zoom link for the conference will be sent out one week prior to the start date and any other inquires should be directed to Please click here for the conference flyer.