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Chinese and Comparative Philosophy 中國哲學與比較哲學

July 21, 2019
by Bill Haines
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Book: The Global Encyclopedia of Informality

  While scouring the web for freebies this morning, I came across something that may be of interest to many readers here: The Global Encyclopedia of Informality, University College London, 2018, in two volumes. http://oapen.org/search?identifier=642570;keyword=informality   Here’s the table of … Continue reading

May 5, 2019
by Bill Haines

Confucianism and Household Servants?

This post expands a question I asked once in the old Discussions section. It is sometimes said that the (or a) Ruist picture of moral psychology stresses family because Ruists stress the development of moral sensibilities starting with people’s earliest … Continue reading

January 6, 2018
by Bill Haines

Question about family and society in the Chinese philosophical tradition

Here are three different ideas: Having the right attitudes in my family relationships tends to give me the right attitudes in my political relationships. Where right family attitudes prevail in society, the right political attitudes tend also to prevail. Differences … Continue reading

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