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Two New Books by Bo Mou

(1) Bo Mou (Jan 2019), Semantic-Truth Approaches in Chinese Philosophy: A Unifying Pluralist Account (Lexington Books).

This monograph book explains a distinctive pluralist account of truth (jointly-rooted perspectivism) in the context of cross-tradition philosophical engagement for two closely related purposes:

  1. to enhance our understanding and treatment of the truth concern as one strategic foundation of various representative movements of thought (the Yi-Jing philosophy, Gongsun Long’s philosophy, Later Mohist philosophy, classical Confucianism, and classical Daoism) in classical Chinese philosophy that are intended to capture “how things are”, and
  2. to explore how the relevant resources in Chinese philosophy can contribute to the contemporary exploration of the philosophical issue of truth in philosophically interesting and engaging ways.

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(2) Bo Mou (ed.) (2018), Philosophy of Language, Chinese Language, Chinese Philosophy: Constructive Engagement (Brill).

From the constructive-engagement vantage point of doing philosophy of language comparatively, this anthology volume explores:

  1. how reflective elaboration of some distinct features of the Chinese language and of philosophically interesting resources concerning language in Chinese philosophy can contribute to our treatment of a range of issues in philosophy of language and
  2. how relevant resources in contemporary philosophy of language can contribute to philosophical interpretations of reflectively interesting resources concerning the Chinese language and Chinese texts. The foregoing contributing fronts constitute two complementary sides of this project.

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Van Norden Reviews McLeod, Theories of Truth in Chinese Philosophy

Notre Dame Philosophical Reviews

2016.05.18 View this Review Online   View Other NDPR Reviews

Alexus McLeod, Theories of Truth in Chinese Philosophy: A Comparative Approach, Roman and Littlefield, 2016, 197pp., $39.95 (pbk), ISBN 9781783483457.

Reviewed by Bryan W. Van Norden, Vassar College

This book provides an overview of philosophical theories of truth and semantics in ancient China, using contemporary analytic philosophy of language as an interpretive framework. The discussion is limited to Chinese philosophy prior to the intellectual revolution caused by Buddhism. However, the period Alexus McLeod focuses on (551 BCE-220 CE) is philosophically rich. This book is accessible to mainstream philosophers, generally well argued, and plausible in most of its conclusions.

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CFP: June, 2013 ISCWP event in Wuhan on Language

(Please note the “Special Note” at the end: even if you cannot take part in this event, if you are interested in the theme you are invited to submit a paper for inclusion in two publication projects.)

Call for Papers
徵稿通知Symposium / 學術研討會Philosophical Issues Concerning Chinese Language and Development of Contemporary Philosophy of Language” 關於漢語的哲學問題與當代語言哲學發展

2013 Term / Wuhan“Beijing Roundtable on Contemporary Philosophy” 2013届-武漢“北京當代哲學國際圓桌學術研討會”
Wuhan University/Philosophy School “Advanced Forum in Comparative Philosophy” 武漢大學哲學學院“比較哲學高峰論壇”

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